But no, he was forced to go back to the abusive muggles and a summer as their personal house elf. At the Yule Ball, Draco finally has a moment with Hermione and they share that time coming to a “truce”. A battle of brains starts between the two as they form a friendly rivalry to excel in their classes. What started as a “make Weasley jealous” game becomes something more, quickly, and with far reaching consequences. But when the Weasel fucks up leaving the Golden Trio fragmented how could either Slytherin avoid getting sucked into her gravitational pull.

His only request is that Hermione Granger is the one to orchestrate it all. All of this was bad enough on it’s own. The love potion thing though, that was a line Ginny should have never crossed, and now… Harry had no choice but to get the hell out of dodge and figure out who he was in peace.

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After the second wizardring war Harry finds out about the betrayal of his friends. He also finds about his family history which may help him get things back straight. This is a story about two parallel lines finally deciding to converge. Filled with art, pining, curator Hermione, and meddling friends who feel like family. Slow burn, with an incredible reward. Harry has finished his first year at Hogwarts.

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Drawing them into politics, creature rights, experimental magic and her blended chosen family. Sort of loosely Victorian-era inspired, no magic au, rivals to lovers, an unhealthy amount of ball and ballroom scenes, and short chapters but frequent updates. Albus Percival Wulfric Brain Dumbledore the true villain of mpwh.com the story thought the successfully eliminated all hindrance in the way for him to achieve what he wants. Harry goes through his creature inheritance and finds out he has been lied to by all his friends. But, what if Tom isn’t the bad guy… 8 years later , Draco is finally ready to make do on his second promise.

The Dursleys leave him to go on holiday and during this time Harry is able to think back in events that happened the previ… 5th year made a change, everyone was resorted due to someone discovering a problem with the sorting hat. Harry was placed in his true house where his abuse was discovere… After everything Harry has been through, you thought he’d get a break.

Ginnybashing Stories

DISCLAIMER This is a work of fiction. This fictional alternate universe DOES NOT represent any of the organizations or countries it mentions. I came up with character names by google search so it sure as hell ain’t representing anyone in RL. Tom is living an abusive lifestyle with his former lover and the father of his child. Sick of all the abuse, Tom decides to run away only to fall in love with an Alpha just as damaged as himself.