Mike reassured his best friend that they would find the means to destroy Vecna once and for all before hearing a car approaching the cabin. The people who came out of the car were none other than Joyce and Hopper, the latter of whom had survived the Starcourt Mall final battle and had been tortured and held captive in Kamchatka for the last eight months. Eleven, Mike, Will, Dustin, Jonathan and Nancy went to Hawkins Memorial Hospital, where they found Lucas and Erica keeping company to a barely-alive and comatose Max. Lucas told his friends that the doctors were skeptical of Max ever awakening and that they believed it was a miracle she was still alive due to her heart technically stopping for over a minute. Eleven secretly went into the Void to locate Max, but was unable to find her consciousness, much to her horror. Argyle and Jonathan dropped off Will, Eleven and Mike at the rink.

In 1986, Mike met up with Jonathan again after arriving in Lenora Hills, California to visit Eleven during spring break. The next day, Mike, Jonathan, and Will all agreed to escape from the watch of Agents Wallace and Harmon to find dig this El and return to Hawkins to save their friends. When soldiers led by Lt. Colonel Jack Sullivan ambushed and attacked them, Mike and Will were protected by Jonathan before they along, with a wounded Harmon, escaped with Argyle.

In appreciation of his girlfriend on their anniversary in March 2022, Gaten sent the sweetest greeting through Instagram. Having enjoyed a career in the spotlight spanning three decades, Joyce Byers actress Winona Ryder has faced her fair share of dating rumours. In OG-couple fashion, the duo attended Netflix’s Stranger Things season four premiere together. Gaten posted a hilarious picture with Lizzy in honor of her birthday in March 2021. “Happy Birthday to one of the funniest, sweetest, kindest, most loving people I’ve ever known. I hope this day was as incredible as you could have ever wanted. Also you’re still a loser. 🖕❤️ Happy 19th goob. Love you.” Since then, they’ve been posting theee most adorable usies on their Instagram Story and celebrating each other’s birthdays with adorable shoutouts.

However, upon learning of Vecna’s killing spree from Agents Ellen Stinson, Wallace, and Harmon, Mike grew worried for his dad’s safety and decided to return to Hawkins to save his father. With one or two of the cast dating one another away from the camera, fans have taken an interest in the stars of the Netflix show’s love lives. So without further ado, here are the relationship statuses of the Stranger Things cast.

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This led to him not only ignoring his own friends but also prevented Eleven from making new relationships independent of Mike. Mike ranks high in terms of likability for Stranger Things characters because of his self-sacrificing nature, especially when it comes to Eleven. It’s not just tied to their romance, but how he feels about Eleven in general. In Season 1, Mike was prepared to face fatal scenarios if it meant keeping her safe. However, several problems have also been seen in recent times, which have thrown into doubt the strength of their relationship. On the other hand, these two have gotten through moments where their lives were on the line, something that can’t be overlooked either.

As she’s taken away, Mike tells El through the police car window that he will fix this. Due to Joyce being out of town, El is sent off to juvenile hall, but is picked up by Dr. Sam Owens and his agents. The agents arrive at the Byers house to tell Jonathan, Will, and Mike that El is being trained to get her powers back to fight a new evil in Hawkins. Agent Ellen Stinson gave Mike a letter from El that informed him she’s gone to become a superhero again, ending with “From, El”. When Mike arrives in California, he presents El with flowers he handpicked from Hawkins.

“They are writing this real character and this real journey and real struggle and they’re doing it so well,” he added.

They eventually arrived outside the Byers house, where El said Will was hiding. This statement confused the three boys because, logically, Will could not be there. Later, in the basement, Mike grieved Will’s death as he looked at Will’s drawings. As El tampered with his radio, Mike angrily berated her and accused her of lying to him about Will’s well-being. Suddenly, Mike heard the sound of Will’s voice over the radio, quietly singing.

Even after Eleven and Will meet (Eleven having saved Will’s life) the pair don’t spend time together. Will is busy playing Dungeons and Dragons and Eleven is busy saving the world and spending time with Mike. It can be hard to build a lasting relationship in such a short amount of time, and that seems to certainly be the case for Will and Eleven. While Will is only missing for season one, Eleven is hiding at Hopper’s for most of season two.

“It’s an interesting thing to work with someone who you go home with,” she said. American Science fiction horror drama television series Stranger Things has been in talks since its first release in 2016. Not only because of its storyline and filming but mainly for the reel-to-reel twist. Well-known on-screen couples of Stranger Things are now off-screen couples. Though their romantic relationship was meant to be on screen, many of them have successfully made it too offline.

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In 1984, Mike and Jonathan met up again after escaping from Hawkins National Laboratory when a pack of Demodogs massacred nearly everyone in the lab. The two worked together, along with their friends, in communicating with the possessed Will in order to figure out a way to stop the Mind Flayer. In 1985, Mike seemed to be on very good terms with Steve now as he and his friends get a hookup from Steve where he helped them sneak into Starcourt Mall’s movie theater.

Although we don’t know the details of their relationship, the two look incredibly adorable together. They went on a date, and this story ended in marriage and two kids. Before starting a serious relationship with Nicole, Boris used to go to a therapist. The real-life romance ofGeneral Hospital‘s Chad Duell and Young & Restless‘ Courtney Hope has reportedly come to an end.

After departing from the cabin, Mike spoke to her via walkie talkie and promised he’d see her immediately the following day. At the Byers’ house, Mike was unwilling to just sit and wait for help, and started speculating with Lucas, Dustin, and Max about the Shadow Monster’s weakness. When they realized that the Shadow Monster controlled everything in a hive mind, they compared it to the Mind Flayer, a monster from Dungeons & Dragons that similarly controls the minds of its victims.